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Monday, 2 January 2017

Raees 2017 Torrent Download HD

05:16 Posted by Jatin Sharma 1 comment
Raees is the upcoming bollywood movie which looks quite promising as after a long time Shahrukh Khan is doing a good enough movie.

In the movie, Shahrukh plays the role of Raees Alam who is a strict businessman and for him there's nothing more important than business. As we see in the trailer, he say whatever good for the business is good to do, whatever bad for the business it isn't worth doing.

On the opposite side of spectrum lies Nawazudin Siddiqui who plays a cop in this movie. He potrays ACP Ghulam Patel and is the archenemy of Raees. And as we know already Siddiqui is currently the best actor in Bollywood. Period.

Raees 2017 Torrent Download HD

Raees 2017 Torrent Download HD

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As Good As It Gets Review

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Jack Nicholson is a guy that will make you smile, cry, and will also teach you a thing or two about how its done.

He made a lot of movies and most of them had a special impact among the movie watchers. His acting, his style of speaking, his expressions makes you wanna grin. The thing which gives him the edge over others is that he has his particular style in acting and he does all of them in the same action,style of speaking and body language and he does it astoundingly well.

As Good As It Gets Review

In As Good As It Gets, Jack Plays a misanthropic author. He literally hates people and is even  afraid of touching them. When he eats, he brings his own cutlery, when he undesirably shakes a hand of some other HUMAN being, he has to wear gloves and he washes his hands Five times each time he goes to washroom.

He did such acting exceptionally well and did not left any hole there. As Good As It Gets has a brash romantic comedy having a serious purpose at its core.

The movie also has a beautiful message of hard it is and how worth it is to change yourself. It takes a great deal to take in turn change and its shown in this movie beautifully.

The first thing I asked myself after I saw this movie was – how good can Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, and Cuba Gooding be? Can they be any better? Director James L Brook’s specialty is exploring the human psyche, emotions and portrayals of these many emotions and parts. Nicholson’s Melvin Udall is an obsessive-compulsive disorder, frantic and unstable-yet-stable in his ways in life.

I liked how Hunt gave life to her Carol Conelly’s single mom-waitress act. I was a tad disappointed at the way how Carol’s new boyfriend starts to make out – it just didn’t fit with the Carol I saw, the Carol who’s working many shifts to ensure that she has the money to afford her little boy’s asthma treatment, as well as making sure she can also afford the day-to-day finance of her house, where her mom also lives in.

I enjoyed Kinnear’s ‘Simon the gay portrayal, his subtle movements, his manner of speech and delivery, and his physical presence. Cuba Gooding has a very few scenes in the movie, but is no less memorable. I somehow felt that the second half was a little dull compared to the first, but maybe that’s because the early fun of seeing Melvin Udall’s ‘disgrace of a human being’ starts to mellow out, and the actual evolution of the movie’s plot begins to grow.

If you have not seen this movie its a great recommendation from my side. I will guarantee you will not get bored and you will love every bit of it.

Please do give us your feedback and tell us about it.

Top 5 Best Al Pacino Movies that You MUST Watch!

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It will be very strange,weird and unbelievable to know that you do watch movies but not liked Al Pacino.  I can say comfortably that out of every 100 movie freaks 98% would be Al Pacino Fans.

Al Pacino have made movies that moved us, laughed us and taught us a lot of things from the screen. His acting, his voice and his personality is impeccable and cannot be copied no matter how hard you try, he is unique and never ever there will be another Al Pacino in Hollywood.

Here are his Five top Movies of Al Pacino,  that i think are the best, that taught me a great deal, impressed me alot, and made me accept that he is the best in Hollywood.

Top 5 Best Al Pacino Movies that You MUST Watch!

Top 5 Best Al Pacino Movies that You MUST Watch!

1. Godfather Part -2

This movie gives us alot of lessons. Al Pacino as Michael Corleone keeps his Father’s business alive by being the intelligent one of all his brothers. Al Pacino never panics and keeps his enemies closer than his friends and makes decisions that are in the best interests of the family.

Role was done perfectly by Al Pacino and couldn’t have been better without Al Pacino.

2. Scarface 

Undaunted immigrant (Tony Montana) from Cuba takes over a drug cartel in Miami in a very short period of time. The criminal look of Al Pacino is very convincing and he sure has got a beautiful accent and a great scar. A great exhibit of a drug lord in such a style is something Al Pacino is known for.

3. Dog Day Afternoon

On a hot summer a bank robbery by a guy name ‘Sonny’ (Al-Pacino) is done in a distinctive style that gathers the attention of whole media and a even FBI gets involved after local police has failed to negotiate. Based on a true story of 1972, Sonny along with his low tempered/panicked friend Sal(Played by John Cazale) tries to escape the Bank along with the hostages by a negotiation settled between him and FBI agent which results in the loss of Sal Only. Super classic acting by Al Pacino keeps the audience interested throughout the movie even though most part is shot in the bank.

4. Scent of a Woman

A perfect portraying of a blind man that got him his Oscar. Even though being a blind veteran, Frank(Al Pacino), never loses his style in being a typical Al Pacino. Hires a young man ( Chris O Donnel) to travel through the big city.

Col Frank Slade, being a irritable bully who proves to have a heart of gold.

Thanks to Al Pacino’s sway acting, Scent of a Woman is an agreeably watchable film.

5. Donnie Brasco

Movie is about a undercover cop (Johnny Depp), who makes his way in working inside with the mob through a low level mobster ‘Lefty’ (Al Pacino). Also based on a true story is a first class mafia thriller that is also in its way a love story. After watching the movie. the humor and tragedy that Pacino and Depp put on the screen will stay with you.

These are the best five Al Pacino’s movies that i think was his best, even Al Pacino would agree with me. 

Here are the torrent Links to download these movies.

Godfather, Scarface, Dog Day Afternoon, Scent of a Woman, Donnie Brasco

What do Al Pacino fans think? Give us your Feedback.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Mirzya 2016 Torrent Download HD 720p 1080p

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Mirzya is the upcoming movie of Bollywood which will release this Friday. The movie is directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra who has also directed the much famous Rang De Basanti and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Also, the pre screening reviews of the movie has been great.

Mirzya 2016 Torrent Download HD 720p 1080p

The movie stars Harshvardhan Kapoor who is the son of Anil Kapoor in the lead role. The female lead is played by Saiyami Kher (and no she is not related to Anupam Kher haha). It also stars Om Puri,  K.K. Raina, Art Malik, Anuj Chaudhary and Anjali Patil.

The movie is based on the tale of the legend of Mirza Sahiban. The movie showcases the love story of lead casts in two ways, one real and one imaginary or fantastical. That's why the story takes places in two places, Rajasthan and Ladakh. One is the hot desert, the other is the cold one.

The music of the movie has been taken care of by the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. That's why the music is of top notch quality.

Mirzya 2016 Torrent Download HD 720p 1080p

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Friday, 30 September 2016

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story 2016 Torrent Download 1080p

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With the winning of the World Cup of 2011, Dhoni and the Indian team made history. It was the second time that India won the World Cup after 1983. It was a memorable match and we all still remember that last six that Dhoni hitted to win the World Cup.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story 2016 Torrent Download 1080p

Its all in the movie so you can relive this moment by watching the movie now.

In the movie, Sushant Singh Rajput has got the main role which is to play Maahi i.e., Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It also got actors Anupam Kher, Disha Patani and Kiara Advani to play the supporting roles. The movie has just been released today.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story 2016 Torrent Download 1080p

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story 2016 Torrent Download 720p

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MS Dhoni The Untold Story is getting released this Friday, 30th September 2016. Don't miss it for anything. As the name suggests it is based on the life story of MS Dhoni the captain of the Indian Team who is the best captain of India yet. Period.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story 2016 Torrent Download 720p

Sushant Singh Rajput plays the lead role i.e., as Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It also stars Disha Patani, Kiara Advani and Anupam Kher. You get the torrent download of MS Dhoni The Untold Story 2016 here.
It will also be released in Tamil, Telugu and Marathi through dubbing it in those languages.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story 2016 Torrent Download 720p

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